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Traci A. Dunham aka. labrat-78 (1960-2009)

Traci was a rare breed and a good influence in our community. She was one of what is still a small number of female railroad workers. She helped dissolve the common gender bias theory that working on the railroad is strictly a man's job. She worked as a Conductor for the Kansas City Southern (KCS) Railroad. When not at work, she was a railfan. Always positive and always willing to educate fellow railfans with advice and knowledge about railroad operations. When Traci lost her battle with cancer, our community lost one of its most outgoing and diverse members. While she may no longer be here, her influence on The-Railfan-Nation last forever.

Tribute Art by AnkaAI3KCS 4678 for Traci Dunham by AnkaAI3
As an appropriate tribute to Traci AnkaAI3 drew this GE Evolution series diesel locomotive that dawns the KCS paint scheme but instead of traditional KCS lettering Traci's name is on the longhood. An appropriate tribute to an outstanding and sorely missed member of the community.

TRFN deviation of the week (2/26/2012-3/3/2012)

:bulletred: Each winner is disqualified from being nominated for the following 52 weeks. This is to ensure that we get diversity in winners instead of the same winner.
:bulletred: The deviation of the week can't be a policy violation. Our staff works hard to ensure this never happens but there may be a rare occasion where one will slip past us so, in the unlikely event policy violation is ever spotted here you are encouraged to report it to group admins via group note. We wanna clean representation and obviously if a stolen piece that wasn't detected makes it into the poll that does taint things.

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Group Info

This is a club by railfans for railfans. We welcome members from all over the world and from all different branches of the artistic community here on DA.

Our Mission Statement:
1. Serve as a liaison between the railroad/railfan community and the rest of DeviantArt
2. Promote the artists within the railfan community on DeviantArt, and showcase the best of their rail-related art. This includes photography, traditonal art, vector art, model railroading, ect.
3. Provide the community with a place to learn techniques, methods, styles, and ideas from other rail deviants.
Founded 9 Years ago
Feb 20, 2006


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1,238 Members
1,183 Watchers
72,996 Pageviews
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#Darailyard: our room for railfans, the discussions in here are about anything and everything having to do with trains. Sometimes we talk about our real lives, too... if we have real lives. ;) No actually we talk about real life a lot, its just part of being a community. :D
To start things off this was a huge challenge to make this list. Only 3.5% of the members of this group placed on this list. Out of the 44 users 43 of them are human :lol:. Find out who is not human when you read the list. These deviations are what everybody sees that represents our community. These are some of the current most influental rail related deviations on deviantart.
Remember let's be respectful to those who made it and those who didn't. Just because you didn't place does not mean you are a bad artist.
Friendly competition can be encouraged, but let's not let it get to out head. It's OK if you set your goal to make this list.
The stats may not be perfect, I may have made a few mistakes but I am only human, and the only person working on this project. If a deviation that grossed the stats to make this was omitted it was likley a reult of insufficient data and not being able to see railroad related material in the image. This is common on deviations that leave a blank discription.
:bulletred:All deviations featured must conform to TRFN submission standards which are not very strict. All must have something railroad related in them.
:bulletred:All of the following are TRFN members.
:bulletred:Deviations are ranked based on faves.
:bulletred:Policy violations are not counted in the ranks no matter how many faves they have. All deviations mentioned below passed TRFN inspection. Obviously a policy violation making the top 100 would understandably anger people. So final results are subjected to a point to point inspection, and if something is found to be in violation of dA policy it is rejected from the line-up immediately. (Example: Stolen material will be treated as though it never existed. So if someone posted a stolen pic that racked up enough faves to make the top 100 and I didn't notice it the first time it is automatically ejected in the final inspection process.)
:bulletred:Unlike the yearly top 50, one user can place several times in this list.
100.Nostalgia by Fotogenia 317 Fotogenia
T-98. Locomotive 1088 by Pajunen 318 Pajunen Far From Refuge by Metal-Bender 318 Metal-Bender
97.Scotland - West Highland Line - The Jacobite by pingallery 324 pingallery
96.Climbing out of the switchback by DragonWolfACe 331 DragonWolfACe
95.Last Day by GeorgeHarrison 344 GeorgeHarrison
94.3 Tracks by Metal-Bender 347 Metal-Bender
93.A Real Train by CJSutcliffe 351 CJSutcliffe
92.MORBID PLACE by getcarter 352 getcarter
91.Infinity. by Dynnnad 356 Dynnnad
90.XXIV. by MamaBakasi 359 MamaBakasi
89.Helsinki City Life by Pajunen 363 Pajunen
88. Steam train in Maramures 05 by adypetrisor 367 adypetrisor
87.Endless haze by Dynnnad 370 Dynnnad
86.R I G H T  T R A C K by getcarter 389 getcarter
T-84.Rail Lines and Curves by Metal-Bender 390 Metal-Bender Steam train in Maramures 03 by adypetrisor 390 adypetrisor
83.Helsinki Railway Station by Pajunen 396 Pajunen
82.Helsinki City Life by Pajunen 399 Pajunen
81.Trip To The Sun by hasanalmasi 406 hasanalmasi
80. Tram Lines by Pajunen 411 Pajunen
79.Looking out the rear by DragonWolfACe 419 DragonWolfACe
78. Bridge Over Troubled Water by Metal-Bender 429 Metal-Bender
77. Snowy charge by DragonWolfACe 430 DragonWolfACe
76. Taking off II by Helendan 437 Helendan
75.Fading Away by erbphotography 450 erbphotography
74. Fallout by Beezqp 455 Beezqp
T-72.Arrivals and Departures by Pajunen 459 Pajunen Dixie by MidEngine4Life 459 MidEngine4Life
71.The Light by Kaltenbrunner 460 Kaltenbrunner
70. Dublin Train by Pajunen 477 Pajunen
69. XXIII. by MamaBakasi 478 MamaBakasi
68.Britannia 70000 by wildbunchz 494 wildbunchz
67.Tokyo Train by Pajunen 502 Pajunen
66. Once as My Heart Remembers by lilithfirefly 521 lilithfirefly
65.Helsinki Tram by Pajunen 526 Pajunen
64.Vintage freight train by Eisenmann87 530 Eisenmann87
T- 62.London Underground by Pajunen 536 Pajunen XVIII. by MamaBakasi 536 MamaBakasi
61.Departure by Pajunen 542 Pajunen
60. Journey to the Unknown by Metal-Bender 546 Metal-Bender
59. City Streets by Pajunen 551 Pajunen
58. Leaving the Monastery by Draken413o 555 Draken413o
57. Orient Express by Pajunen 568 Pajunen
56. Fearless by oToupeira 574 oToupeira
55. At the train station by Pajunen 584 Pajunen
54. Motion by RafalMateja 611 RafalMateja
53. Steel Rails Fall by RollingFishays 616 RollingFishays
52. PUBlic transportation by Pajunen 624 Pajunen
53. Lancaster Gate by Pajunen 632 Pajunen
52. Urban by Isatyr 640 Isatyr
51. Locomotive by Pajunen 654 Pajunen
50. Tokyo train by Pajunen 659 Pajunen
49 Foggy morning by DragonWolfACe 673 DragonWolfACe
48. A Winter's Day in the City by Pajunen 680 Pajunen
47. R U S H by getcarter 684 getcarter
46. Trains passing by by Pajunen 685 Pajunen
45. Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 in Pomona by rlkitterman 690 rlkitterman
T-43. Cannonball run by DragonWolfACe 693 DragonWolfACe Iron Wheels by Pajunen Pajunen
42. Farewell Train by Pajunen 696 Pajunen
41. December 2012 in Helsinki by Pajunen 701 Pajunen
40. Trains by Pajunen 715 Pajunen
39. Escalator by Pajunen 737 Pajunen
38. 30 Nov 2010 31 by vaporarium 744 vaporarium
37. Untitled by the-big-red 748 the-big-red
36. Frozen land by b-and-icoot 772 b-and-icoot
35. Afterthought by JENU89 784 JENU89
34. KAMPSTRASSE by getcarter 791 getcarter
33. Shin-Okubo Station by Pajunen 796 Pajunen
32. Gaia Project VI by dorukseymen 802 dorukseymen
31. warp speed 2 by awjay 819 awjay
30. Forgotten Trams by Eisenmann87 830 Eisenmann87
29. Strasburg - Railroad by toniart57 845 toniart57
28. Helsinki tram by Pajunen 926  Pajunen
27. Locomotive 1088 bw by Pajunen 929 Pajunen
26. Epic by jamesgreen 937 jamesgreen
25. Departure by Pajunen 973 Pajunen
24. Arrival by DusanPavlicek 978 DusanPavlicek
23. sunrise by samuelvincent 1055 samuelvincent
22.3 Train Race by 3window34 1079 3window34
21. T O Y S by getcarter 1119 getcarter
20. sky blue sky by SMT-Images 1148 SMT-Images
19. 171 by p-walczak 1190 p-walczak
T-17. Dublin train to Howth by Pajunen 1257 Pajunen szczecin winter pkp by erroid 1257 erroid
16. Epic by irwingcommand 1335 irwingcommand
15. Chicago CXI by DanielJButler 1360 DanielJButler
14. metro by erroid 1433 erroid
13. Harajuku train station by Pajunen 1441 Pajunen
12. Suicide shot by DragonWolfACe 1533 DragonWolfACe
11. Oh deer! by DragonWolfACe 1585 DragonWolfACe
10. Mountain Thunder by DragonWolfACe 1610 DragonWolfACe
9. Sunset in HDR by HDRenesys 1639 HDRenesys
8. Night Train by Pajunen 1642 Pajunen
7. Charging Princess Part 2 by CJSutcliffe 1681 CJSutcliffe
6. Around Helmstetters by DragonWolfACe 1711 DragonWolfACe
5. Fall Steam by DragonWolfACe 1865 DragonWolfACe
4. Down the Tracks by Cruzweb 2139 Cruzweb
3. December in Helsinki by Pajunen 2302 Pajunen
2.Old train cafe by Pajunen 3815 Pajunen
1.Christmas ride by abuethe 7191 abuethe
Deviant Placements 44
3window34 1
adypetrisor 2
awjay 1
abuethe 1
b-and-icoot 1
Beezqp 1
CJSutcliffe 2
Cruzweb 1
DanielJButler 1
dorukseymen 1
DragonWolfACe 10
Draken413o 1
DusanPavlicek 1
Dynnnad 2
Eisenmann87 2
erbphotography 1
erroid 2
Fotogenia 1
GeorgeHarrison 1
getcarter 5
HDRenesys 1
Helendan 1
irwingcommand 1
Isatyr 1
jamesgreen 1
JENU89 1
MamaBakasi 3
Metal-Bender 4
MidEngine4Life 1
oToupeira 1
Pajunen 34
pingallery 1
p-walczak 1
RafalMateja 1
Kaltenbrunner 1
rlkitterman 1
RollingFishays 1
samuelvincent 1
SMT-Images 1
the-big-red 1
toniart57 1
vaporarium 1
wildbunchz 1
Now we all know that Pajunen is talented but probably not human :lol:! Congrats on getting 34 images in this list!
In addition to the further info I want to introduce another accolade. This is for most improved member of the group. That accolade goes to DingRawD Class A4 4464 60019 'Bittern' by DingRawD! Eventhough he didn't place in this list, I noticed a huge improvement in his work since he joined us in 2012. He never gave up and as a result I wouldn't be surprised if he makes one or more of these list eventually.
That wraps it up!
Signed co-founder
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