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Tue Mar 15, 2011, 12:27 AM by Joseph-W-Johns:iconjoseph-w-johns:
Time for a little muckraking journalism...

I've seen sites before where some people will criticize a certain railroad without looking at facts. It brings me back to a thought about a site that has been idle since 2005 but was very well known for dissing CSX railroad. Other railroads around probably have similar sites against them and if you know of any I encourage you to take a closer look at them and compare them to what I'm about to show you about this site.

When you see a website titled you'd expect the person to tell you why they think CSX sucks and back it with facts. Well to an untrained eye this site can make CSX look evil however, if you dissect the facts you'll find this site is full of inconsistencies.

First of all I go to the home page I notice there are several buttons and a picture of a YN2 painted EMD locomotive #666 crushing a car. The locomotive has photoshopped white numbers on the cab. A normal CSX locomotive has gold numbers not white. Granted CSX does have a real locomotive #666 however it is a GE AC6000CW. Several railroads actually do have an engine #666 as well so if you criticize CSX for the real #666 you might as well criticize all other American railroads. Normally a poorly and obviously falsely photoshopped image on the home page is a big red flag.

Getting on to the buttons now. I look at the list. "Safety first" is the first one I visit. I expect to get a record on why CSX isn't a safe company from clicking on this but instead I get this. This doesn't give me good proof that CSX isn't a safe company. Just because the admin of this site says so does not mean that the actual safety records are any worse than any other railroad. A graph backed up by the FRA comparing CSX to other railroads in accident records would be a more legit way to prove that CSX's safety record sucks. However, I see no such thing on this entire site.

Under "Attendance policy" I find this… basically mocking CSX for working people on a crazy schedule. The thing about this is all railroads do that. Ask any crew member here on dA and I guarantee you if they work for a Class I or passenger railroad they probably work crazy schedules. Railroads do have rest policies which work I have seen no statistics that CSX crews are more rested less than any other railroad. For this like the one above a statistical info bit would be much more useful in proving that fact than someone insulting the company like a school child who insults their teacher.

Skipping a button or two because basically the rest in the "CSX-sucks" Article section is repetitive crap. If you wanna see it be my guest but I feel by now there is no use in me describing it because by now after reading the above you know what I think there. I see several links on the side such as "CSX management" once again posting a picture of a guy in a bunny suit proves nothing to me about CSX. More variations of this is "employment" its a picture I assume of a civil war era of a chain gang. That proves nothing to me still. Under corporate info and history I find this which charges CSX is racist company… a picture of a KKK. Posting a picture of the KKK proves nothing to me still. What would prove to me that CSX is a racist company would once again be statistical data of discrimination complaints none of which I see on this site. I have never heard of civil rights claims against CSX in the media ether.

Before I get to the photos they posted I wanna to show you these two links.… is a claim that CSX wants the site shut down. Among the claims in the letter is copyright infringement. But if you look real good it's hard to validate this as a legit CSX letter. It is addressed from San Fransisco CA the problem is CSX is an east coast company based Richmond VA with all offices on the east coast. I can understand leaving names out and concealing some private info but concealing too much and having false info makes me believe this letter was not from CSX but fabricated by the admin of the site. After seeing everything else on this site I believe I have good reason to believe this is fake as well. This is no exception claiming CSX signed a contract agreement with From the looks of it, it may look like a contract. It even references to the Chain gang and KKK pictures I mentioned earlier under #6. Looks like an agreement the pictures wouldn't be used anymore however if you click on the links I have above they are in fact still on the site. If this were a legit legal agreement CSX-sucks would be violating their own terms. Furthermore it looks like the site's admin conveniently left our important details on this so called contract. If this were a legit contract I'd expect to see the whole thing no matter how important/unimportant some parts may be.

Finally they have a section called pictures. First photo to debunk is this… which the admin claims is a head on collision. Look real good at CSX #401 and notice that it has no bent handrails or damage from a head on collision. I even found an interesting conversation on a forum about this incident.… The 401's relationship to the wreck is often disputed but it certainly was not involved in the so called "head on."

Many attacks range on spare parts used on locomotives like this… which I believe are just dumb because the railroad often has to replace parts and sometimes no matter how it looks the engines need to be returned to service ASAP. You'll find that on all railroads.

As I go down the list I find an even dumber attack this is a Conrail era photo of a dash-8 catching fire.… Given CSX later absorbed Conrail in division with NS but what happened to the fire locomotive #757? That's right it went to NS not CSX after this Conrail era photo was taken. The 757 never ever was CSX property. According to NSdash-9 roster it is EX-CR 757, EX LMS 757 and is now known as NS 8450.… Showing me a picture of a Conrail GE burning does not prove to me that CSX sucks in fact us railfans know that GEs on any railroads have a habit of catching fire. In an old photo and just one example in my gallery I caught this one NS NO.9578 by Joseph-W-Johns with fire damage. This site uses many photos of GE's belching flames against CSX but they are biased and un-researched to treat it like a specific CSX problem.

Furthermore this photo… after seeing and discrediting most of what I've seen I ask myself now do they have any proof this is CSX track or even active track at that? Once a site has provided me many discredited links its difficult to believe anything they say even if some facts may be true.

Then there's this… supposedly this is her husbands truck after being hit at a crossing but there is no details on the nature of the accident on maybe a crossing failure or if the driver was running the gates. So I don't know weather to say the parties involved have a legit complaint or the driver was just being an idiot. I don't plan on judging but to be honest can any of you make the call from just this info?

This photo was a copyright infringement.… The site claims this is a CSX bridge and this is a CSX train. However despite the locomotive being a CSX locomotive doesn't mean its a CSX train. According to the real owner of the photo Bob Smith… this was an ex-SP now UP bridge and the train was being operated by UP. Railroads do borrow other railroad's equipment from time to time and this is an example. The site has committed copyright infringement against Mr. Smith and possibly several other railfans. This is un professional and really paints a black eye on the site. Also look at several incident reports about the 128 and you'll pull up some interesting convos on this accident.

How do I know this engine is on duty at the time? There is no proof.… Sometimes railroads hold public events and let civilians tour equipment I myself boarded and went in the cab of NS 4610 during one of these similar public events. Me and 4610 by Joseph-W-Johns… If this was an actual crossing collision you'd see the windshield of the car at least cracked. It looks like nothing more than an OLS demonstration.… OK WHAT THE HELL OVER???????

Most other photos are of wrecks but all railroads have them and once again this site has done nothing to prove to me that CSX has a higher accident rate than other railroads.

Those are just some examples. I can go on all day but I need to stop. This site has proven nothing to me on how CSX supposedly sucks now that I researched. It looks like some troll put it together in fact and I'd like to believe some troll did. Unfortunately it did have influence on people who never researched or bothered to gather legit statistics. So I ask everybody who is into railroads around the world to please take time to criticize sources you look at criticizing railroads before you use or believe their criticism. Make sure they are not unprofessional source like this one.

Joseph W. Johns

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